Whimsical at best, JACONNI has a thirsty affinity for the gold she finds in satin movements.  Enriched with intrigue of the deep swirling seas of culture and myth, she can express the gradating realms within the mind with streaks of colors to paint the desirable with the touch of a finger.

JAC has a unique background. Her mother [born in the Philippines with Chinese, Filipino, and Spanish blood] met JAC’s father [born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil] in San Francisco. In the heart of the Golden State city, this mysterious creature was born.

At the age of 9, JAC moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived there for two years, learning Spanish, Argentine culture, and British customs at school. After that, she lived in São Paulo, Brazil for another two years, experiencing her father’s side of the world.

Coming back to America, JAC re-learned what it meant to be an American, and what it meant to be culturally immersed. She realized that she may be a creature of the phylum: Porifera. Every country she has been to thereafter has been absorbed by it’s colors, smells, sounds, and densities in the air making a specific ambience. This is what JAC brings into her work until today, pulling from the vocabulary she has stored inside of her.


Animation. Films. Technology. Writing. Music. Photography. Sewing. Storytelling. Fantasy. Sci-fi. Space. Multiculturalism. Traveling the World. Exotic Food. Languages. Good Design. She also advocates for alternative and natural medicine to anyone who will listen! If you want to look into this yourself, you can go here to check out alternative medicine.

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